Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why Security Questions are a Bad Idea

Touted among some as a way to increase security, I always thought of security questions as a step backwards in security. To think that someone can guess a few simple facts about myself instead of the complex password I dreamed up defeats the point of that complex password.

In the old days, if you forgot a password, it was emailed to an email account. Now, most accounts have implemented these security questions and allow you to reset a password by answering the security questions correctly. The problem with this is that, in most cases, the security questions are too simple. Questions like Where were you born, what is your zip code, what is your pet's name, etc. Questions that anybody may be able to figure out by googling your name - particularly if you are a public figure.

In the news today, it was announced that Gov/VP Nominee Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account was broken into using these security questions ( ). Questions such as birthday, zip code, and where did you meet your spouse. Those questions were answered correctly in less than 45 minutes, and then the perpetrator has access to her account and was able to change the password to something else.

Now an email account is a little different than most other website accounts, as you might not have another email address to send a forgotten password to. However, in no case should simple security questions such as these be the sole means of gaining access to the account. Besides the security questions, there ought to be some secondary means of authentication, or some other way to send a forgotten password - this could be sending a password via text message, or a telephone call to the phone number on the account. Security questions should be used to enhance an existing form of authentication. Using security questions as the only form of authentication is a step backwards in the world of security.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Evil OPEC Cartel

The price of oil has dropped by 32% over the past few weeks from a high of $147 to todays closing price of $101. Not that we have also seen gas prices drop by 32%, but that is a rant for another day.

And how does the evil OPEC reward us for the falling price of oil? By cutting output to keep prices high. See, the OPEC countries have grown used to all the oil revenue that has been pouring in, and dropping oil prices mean less revenue to them. Although...less revenue is relative since the price of oil is still far higher than the $20-$30 range pre 2001.

In OPEC's decision to cut oil production yesterday, they said they wanted to cut supply to keep prices above $100. Excuse me? Yes, keep prices above $100.

The high price of oil is hurting our nation's economy, and hurting the worldwide economy as well. We are using less oil now than we were last year because we can't afford to pay for it at $100 let alone the peak of $147.

Now how is it that an organization can just artifically set the price of a commodity? Cartels are illegal in the U.S. and Europe because artificial price fixing is just unfair for the consumer. However, OPEC is not your standard cartel. OPEC is a cartel of nation states. As such, it is immune to anti trust regulations under international law and the doctrine of state immunity.

I guess all I can say is those Bastards!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Noah's First Visit with Mickey!

I just had to post this...

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Getting With The Times

I finally got a facebook account.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Noah's First 2 Weeks

Noah is 2 weeks old today.

We've had our ups and downs, but we've gotten through this so far.

Some Highlights:
Day 1 - born at 9lbs 10oz
Day 2 - we get to leave the hospital that night. Noah arrives home for this first time.
Day 3 - Noah's first night at home had us nearly in tears as he kept us up all night crying and wanting to constantly feed. This was a long day as we adjusted to a new baby at home. We also took him back to the hospital to correct a problem with him being "tongue tied". He slept for a few hours that evening, but was otherwise awake and fussy most of the day.
Day 4 - Another all-nighter, but we worked this one in shifts. Why can't he eat, sleep, and poop like a normal infant? He's awake and fussy most of the day. His first Dr. Appt is today. 8lbs 14oz. The Dr was concerned that he had lost so much weight since birth. 5-10% weight loss is normal, and he lost way more than 10%. Amanda's Mom and Kimmie arrive for the week, and we start feeding Noah more. The additional milk seems to do the trick, as he is less fussy, and sleeps more inbetween feedings.
Days 5-10 - Amanda's mom was a great help for us through these days. I don't know how we could have gotten through without her help this week. We actually got some well needed sleep, and the baby is doing much better. We also got the baby out of the house for a few days
for a few errands and a restaurant trip.
Day 9 - I went back to work for a few days and a few hours each day.
Day 11-14 - The rest of Amanda's family and a friend arrive. Becky comes up from Cancun to visit. Now we're taking care of a newborn and entertaining a whole troop of visitors. Where'd the help go? Things have finally quited down now as everyone has gone home except for Becky.
Noah is doing much better though and we manage a trip to the Mall for a whole afternoon.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

100th Post!

It took long enough. Hopefully the road to 200 posts is quicker than the first 100.


Well, in short. No baby yet.
We had our our last Dr appointment today and everything looked good except for Peanut being 9 days overdue. We go to the hospital tomorrow so they can run some additional tests to make sure the baby is doing well. If anything is abnormal, they will deliver the baby tomorrow. Otherwise, we are now scheduled to have labor induced at 8am this Sunday if it does not happen naturally before then.